Harlot has been visited repeatedly by Hypnotist, who brings out of her consciousness, a restlessness and a wish to go away. Hypnotist has convinced Harlot that she is in love with him. 

Harlot tries to break off the affair she is having with Broker, while she cowardly chooses to leave Sleuth with no answers. The day she disappears with only the clothes on her back, she is in an adjoining room when Sleuth returns and happens upon Broker in her room. A struggle ensues and Sleuth gets cracked on the head by the ashtray in the room by Broker. Sleuth struggles and picks up the letter opener and stabs Broker. 

Harlot who sees this all happen in horror and silence, slips out after Sleuth leaves to wash the blood off his hands. Sleuth arrives on the scene to the murder he himself committed with no one the wiser, while the Hypnotist next door mourns the loss of his best work.