CONTEXT: Broker and Harlot are married. Harlot is unhappy in her marriage as she knows about his affairs, and after he goes broke, decides to leave him for Chicago with the Hypnotist, whom she has been seeing for sleep deprivation therapy and who has convinced her she needs to leave in order to have a better future. Broker suspects Harlot is having an affair, so he hires Sleuth to follow her. Sleuth then becomes a regular client at the Lithe Lounge, where Harlot works, and becomes obsessed with her. Harlot develops feelings for Sleuth and also has an affair with him. 

DAY OF THE MURDER: Hypnotist goes to see Harlot for dinner, sex and a glass of wine. Sleuth decides to pay Harlot a visit after realizing she was not at the club that night. Hypnotist and Harlot are having sex, and upon sensing Sleuth's arrival at Harlot's house and thinking it was Broker, Hypnotist hurries off (probably through a window back to his place, which is just next door) and leaves his shoes behind. Harlot pretends to be reading a magazine, hoping that Broker/Sleuth will not sense what had just happened. 

Harlot is surprised to see Sleuth, but does not see the need to get dressed for him. Harlot then offers him a glass of wine and they have a smoke together. Sleuth then decides to drink his Sweetwater and Harlot offers him the glass she had set aside with her pills, to be taken at midnight. Sleuth, as a private investigator, wears gloves, and does not leave any fingerprints on his bottle. 

While having a drink, Sleuth then reveals that he was hired by her husband to follow her and that Broker owes him a lot of money for his services, but that he was ready to forget his debt for her. He then proceeds to tear up the I.O.U note from Broker, trashing half and keeping half as proof that he has nullified the debt. Harlot is taken aback and blurts out that she has plans to leave for Chicago with Hypnotist. Sleuth is heartbroken and in a fit of anger, attacks her. Harlot puts up a fight, but Sleuth pulls out his knife and stabs her.

Shortly after, Broker comes home and Sleuth, in a hurry, steps on the blood while making his escape (the size 13 footprint belongs to him). Broker sees what has happened and proceeds to call the police, but becomes a suspect because of his debt, philandering ways and rocky relationship with his wife.